please stop loving me.
I am scrabbling to leave anything at all,
to stop myself sucking you barren and beat,
and promise your boneframe intact and complete.
you’ve given your heartflesh as something to eat
but the salt I’d have left just wouldn’t be right.

[the sea in me might drown you too]

please stop loving me.
my rough edges have worn holes in your boat
and the waves will be in you soon,
with the cold and the dark and the gloom.
take your long arms and row against the moon –
there’s still time, if you start now.

[the sea in me will drown you too]

god, please stop loving me.
don’t call out, don’t question, don’t proffer
I can’t offer you anything but throatfuls of sand.
I pray in a language I don’t understand
I choke on your voice and your absence of hands –
if we speak I just won’t last the night.