when I bubble over in copper and gold
put me in the bath to catch all the happy run-off
the overflow tinkling down my chest, the swell of my belly –
even when they catch in unusual shapes,
I would you might think how smooth my stones could be,
this one little river-heart in the wide Feeling sea.

when I trace my feathered sketches in five unnamed colours
do not breathe rough from your lips,
or shake your head –
they will blow away
I will blow away
I and they together trembling flames,
a rainbow of light in ceremonial breeze.

in fairy glow wine and my transient grace
I would you might join my offering here:
my little prayer to music and to meaning all my own,
between verses and keys and always just outside my bare English grasp.

(do you understand?)

I am shaking making small print words on your wall
this temple of inscription, invocation, benefaction
my serif joining times and places, rhymes and spaces
gift tags on letters,
to you, from tunes I’ve known.